Apply For Mobile Food Vendor Permit

An annual permit is required for all mobile food and beverage vendors participating by invitation in authorized community events and offering food or beverages on public rights-of-way or on publicly owned land including, but not limited to, parks, the beach, public sidewalks, parkways and open space.  Names and contact information for vendors holding valid annual permits will be made available to local not for profit groups and other organizing community events to be held on public property.   Please allow five days for processing of applications.      
A Mobile Food and Beverage Vendor Permit is any business that offers food or beverages, prepackaged and prepared on site, outside of or more than 20 feet away from an established bricks and mortar location.  
Please submit the permit application to the Community Development Department, attention: Jessica Linders  For more information, please call 847-810-3503.
Stay Informed!