Tree Removal Permit

Tree Removal Permits may be required in certain cases, as detailed in the Tree Preservation and Landscaping Ordinance.  The purpose of this ordinance is to preserve trees on both public and private property and, in the event that tree removal is necessary, to ensure that appropriate replacement trees are planted. The Ordinance is also intended to minimize erosion and stormwater runoff, provide buffers between neighboring properties, preserve historic streetscapes, minimize the visual and environmental impacts of paved surfaces and buildings, and ensure landscaping in conjunction with new development and redevelopment in a manner that preserves native vegetation.

On the first page of the Tree Removal Permit Application, a simple questionnaire can be completed to assist the property owner or contractor in determining if a permit is required for the proposed removals.  Community Development staff can assist further in this process, if necessary, at 847-810-3517 or 847-810-3507.  Permits are generally processed within 5 business days.

If you wish to submit a permit application and plat of survey, indicating the location of the trees proposed for removal, you may use the City's online portal.
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