Public Meeting Information


There are a few simple rules governing your participation:

  • Presentations will be made in the order listed on the agenda, unless otherwise modified by the Mayor/Chairperson
  • Following each individual presentation, members of the Board/ Committee/Commission/Council will ask questions.
  • Staff comments and questions will come next.
  • Following this, the public will have a chance to make comments and ask questions on the topic being discussed.
  • The Mayor/Chairperson will recognize a member of the audience, who will then rise and go to the podium, where they will provide their name.
  • Each person will be allowed a maximum of three (3) minutes to speak,
  • Members of the public will not be allowed to speak a second time until all members of the audience who wish to speak have been allowed to do so.  The chairperson/mayor will determine whether second public comments will be permitted, and if so, the appropriate amount of time for public discussion, and will close off public comment at his/her discretion.
  • Following public comment, the Board/Committee/Commission/Council will once more have the chance to question and comment on the topic before final decision.
  • It should be noted that the Mayor/Chairperson has the right to change these procedures in certain instances as she/he sees fit.
  • Public comments may be taken under Opportunity to address Council on non-agenda items during the meeting or in certain instances as she/he sees fit.
  • The Mayor of the City is the presiding officer and decides on all questions of order.
  • Any person wishing to speak is asked to fill out a request form. The form and directions are located at the back of the room.
  • Civility shall be maintained at all times which means no jeering, shouting or laughing at somebody or something in a mocking or scornful way, there shall be no public outbursts, etc.
  • To ensure a dignified debate and fair presentation of all sides of a given question, strict observance of parliamentary rules shall prevail at all times.

The Mayor and City Council welcome public participation, since an alert and informed citizenry is the best means of insuring good government.  We are glad you are here and hope you will attend often.  If you have any questions regarding these proceedings or matters on the Agenda, please contact the City Clerk at City Hall (810-3674).
Stay Informed!