Solicitor Permit

Here is a list of the currently licensed solicitors that have registered with the City of Lake Forest.

The City’s Code, which regulates door-to-door solicitation for commercial, religious, and charitable purposes, is as strong as legally permissible, based on Federal law and Supreme Court decisions protecting First Amendment rights. 

All solicitors must register with the City Clerk, and obtain a permit.  Solicitors are also required to:

  • Wear a City-issued solicitation badge conspicuously on the outside of an outer garment
  • Honor "No Soliciting" signs displayed on any premise
  • Leave the premises when requested to do so
  • Indicate the purpose of the visit and not misrepresent that the purpose is other than to solicit

Per the State of Illinois law, solicitation hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-9 p.m.  Solicitors who advocate on behalf of religious groups may solicit any day of the week (including Sundays but excluding holidays) during this time period.

Here is the Solicitation Application: Application for Commercial Solicitation Permit.

The fee is $55 for new and $40 for renewal. Two passport size photos are needed at the time of application. The maximum time period is 30 days, and permits can be renewed for an additional 30 days upon re-application.

A plastic-encased badge with the solicitor’s photograph, issued by the City, must be worn during solicitation. If the solicitor is not wearing a badge, you should immediately call the Police non-emergency number, (847)234-2601.

If you don’t want solicitors visiting your home, click here and print out an official City-issued NO SOLICITING sign to post at the entry of your home. Solicitors who ignore such signs are trespassing. If they refuse to leave your home when you have a sign posted, call the Police Department immediately at (847) 234-2601.  If an emergency exists, call 911.
Stay Informed!