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Dr. Stanford “Randy” Tack 
8 N. Western Ave.

(847) 810-3675

Mayor Dr. Stanford “Randy” Tack was sworn into office on Monday, May 1, 2023. Dr. Tack earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois and attended the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Dr. Tack graduated with honors and completed his residency at the University of Illinois in Orthopedic Surgery. While in residency, he was recruited by Lake Forest Orthopedics and specialized in Spine Surgery, prompting a fellowship at Rush Medical Center. He moved to Lake Forest upon completion of his fellowship.

Dr. Tack was founding board member of the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. He was appointed Vice President of the Midwest Orthopedic Network and managing partner at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. Dr. Tack also served as President of the Lake Forest Club.

Dr. Tack was elected as a Third Ward Alderman in 2011, serving multiple terms from 2012-2018. While Alderman, Dr. Tack served as the Chairman of the Public Works Committee and Fire Services Committee. From 2021-2022, he also served as Chair of the Central Business District Working Group.

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