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Legal Committee

The Legal Committee was created by City resolution in 2005.  Members serve a maximum of three two-year terms on a staggered basis.  Their purpose is to review and monitor legal claims filed against the City.  With the City Attorney, the Committee is responsible for reviewing the Litigation Management Policy, recent legal decisions and opinions, related ordinances and contracts, plus relevant materials in order to promote the efficient and effective management of litigation and threats of litigation against The City of Lake Forest.

The Committee meets regularly on a quarterly basis in January, April, July and October.

Name Address Phone
Dale Tauke, Chairman 215 E. Linden Avenue 951-6517 (c)
Joy Guscott-Mueller 26 Atteridge Road 682-0699 (c)
Anthony Mancini 1015 Arcady Drive 482-0242 (h)
David Michael 16 Linden Avenue 312-282-7004 (c)
Joseph Waldeck 184 Washington Road 234-6220 (h)
Alderman Melanie K. Rummel (ex-officio) 595 E. Longwood Drive 234-8858 (h)
514-7909 (c)

03/30/21 Special Meeting Agenda      
01/28/21 Cancelled Meeting Agenda      

10/22/20 Cancelled Meeting Agenda      
08/06/20 Special Meeting Agenda      
07/23/20 Cancelled Meeting Agenda      
04/23/20 Cancelled Meeting Agenda      
01/23/20 Regular Meeting Agenda      

10/17/19 Regular Meeting Agenda      
07/18/19 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
05/09/19 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
04/18/19 Cancelled Meeting Agenda      
03/07/19 Special Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
01/10/19 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes      

07/19/18 Regular Meeting Agenda      
05/24/18 Regular Meeting Agenda      
05/14/18 Executive Session Agenda      
03/27/18 Special Meeting Agenda      
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