City Council to Consider Acquiring Office Building for Adaptive Reuse as a New Police Facility

Project Update: April 12, 2024

Earlier this year, the City Council identified a new police station as a priority and staff began evaluating possible locations for a new facility. The focus turned to considering opportunities for adaptive reuse of existing buildings due to cost savings compared to new construction, availability of office buildings, and reuse of an existing structure is more environmentally sustainable than building new. After investigation, the building at 1925 Field Court was determined to provide the greatest opportunity for adaptive reuse to meet the City’s needs. The City has the unique financial opportunity to acquire the vacant office building at 1925 Field Court for a competitive price of $3.5 million for adaptive reuse as a new police department facility.

At the City Council Meeting on Monday, April 15, the Council will consider approving various actions related to the potential acquisition of the building located at 1925 Field Court. Executing a Purchase and Sale Agreement will allow the City to continue its due diligence assessment of the property to determine if the building is a viable option for a new police station and provide budget assessments for future planning. 

To learn more about the police department’s current needs and the evaluation process to date, visit the police station webpage. 

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