Lake Forest Using New Technology to Prevent Crime

While you may have noticed a few camera poles popping up around Lake Forest, did you know it’s a new technology the Lake Forest Police Department is using to prevent crime? 

The poles are home to Flock Safety License Plate Reader cameras, innovative technology that the Lake Forest Police Department is using to strengthen community safety.  

 “The license plate reader cameras are part of the Lake Forest Police Department’s ongoing efforts to integrate technology into crime prevention efforts,” noted Police Chief Karl Walldorf. The system takes a still photo of rear license plates and alerts police if the registered owner is wanted for a crime locally or nationally, if the vehicle is stolen, or if the car is connected to an Amber or Silver alert. 

 The information is available to area law enforcement and helps to identify and stop vehicles involved in criminal activities more accurately. The cameras only capture the rear license plate and do not capture anything inside the car, preserving individual privacy rights. 

 “With the ability to process thousands of vehicles per day, the technology serves as a force multiplier and saves crucial investigative time,” added Chief Walldorf.  

 Five City-leased cameras are currently in place in Lake Forest with another five to arrive in the coming months. The cameras have been a useful tool for crime prevention in Lake Forest. In one instance, the system alerted police that a registered sex offender had entered a school campus. Officers were able to respond quickly, which resulted in an arrest.  

 “In addition to its primary objective of preventing crime, the technology has also helped foster partnerships between the police department and Lake Forest Homeowners Associations,” said Lake Forest Police Department Sergeant Philip Gualdoni, the department’s lead for Flock Safety implementation. Sergeant Gualdoni has worked with several Homeowners Associations who have invested in Flock cameras in their subdivisions that share data with the police department. Homeowners Associations interested in learning more can connect with Sergeant Gualdoni. 

 The Lake Forest Police Department’s integration into the broader Flock Safety camera platform enables seamless collaboration with surrounding jurisdictions. Other local agencies currently using Flock Systems include Highland Park, Glencoe, Vernon Hills, Libertyville, North Chicago, and many more. 

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