Lake Forest Launches New Curbside Compost Collection Service

The City of Lake Forest is partnering with WasteNot Compost to provide a new voluntary curbside compost collection service for all residential properties within City boundaries.

The year-round service makes composting more accessible and convenient for Lake Forest residents. Participating residents receive an airtight 5-gallon compost receptacle which accepts a wide variety of compostables including all food waste, 100% paper products, certified compostable products, and more. Depending on needs, a weekly or bi-weekly service is offered. Additionally, WasteNot will use a “receptacle swap” strategy, which includes replacing used receptacles with a new, clean sanitized container each service.

“As a community that prides itself on environmental stewardship and sustainability, we are thrilled to take another significant step towards a greener future” said Eileen Looby Weber, Fourth Ward Alderman and Chairman of the City’s Environmental Sustainability Committee. “This collaboration marks a major step in our ongoing efforts to reduce waste, promote responsible consumption, and minimize our greenhouse gas emissions.”

Residents can register for WasteNot’s curbside compost collection service anytime on WasteNot’s website, with no long-term commitments or cancellation fees. The exclusive Lake Forest rate for residential service starts at $14/month, with the service officially starting Tuesday, September 19, 2023. 

“The City of Lake Forest looks forward in working closely with WasteNot Compost, and we encourage all our residents to embrace this opportunity to make a positive impact on our City and planet." added Weber.

The service will also be offered to commercial businesses, schools, and non-profits in Lake Forest. Learn more about the service and how to register at

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