Back-to-School Safety Tips

As the back-to-school season approaches, the Lake Forest Police Department has a few tips to help keep everyone safe.

Scooter and Bike Safety:

  • Walk your scooters in the Central Business District. To avoid collisions with pedestrians, please walk scooters and bikes in the Central Business District.
  • Avoid distractions. Do not use electronic devices, including ear buds, headphones or phones, while operating your scooter.
  • Be respectful of others around you. Remember, you should sound the bell attached to your scooter or announce yourself when passing a pedestrian.
  • Watch out for potential hazards. Watch out for hazards at intersections, when turning and at crosswalks, including vehicles and wet/slippery, changing, or uneven terrain.

Pedestrian Safety:

  • Always use crosswalks and designated pedestrian pathways when crossing the street
  • Look both ways before crossing, even if you have the right-of-way
  • Teach children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing, to ensure they are seen
  • Avoid distractions like phones or headphones while walking near traffic
School Buses:
When the school bus stops and activates it’s flashing red lights, please remember:
  • On a two-lane roadway (with or without a center turn lane), all traffic from both directions must stop when the stop arm is extended
  • On a four-lane roadway without a median or a divided highway of four lanes or more with a median, only traffic traveling the same direction as the bus must stop when the stop arm is extended
  • Do not proceed until the bus driver turns off the flashing red lights and retracts the stop arm

School Zones:

  • Obey reduced speed limits in school zones when children are present
  • ALL cell phone use is prohibited, including hands-free and texting

Distracted Driving:

  • Avoid distractions while driving, especially in areas with a high concentration of pedestrians and cyclists

Thanks for sharing these reminders with your children and helping keep Lake Forest a safe place for everyone!
Stay Informed!