Joseph Waldeck Nominated to Fill First Ward Alderman Vacancy

June 9, 2023: Joseph Waldeck Nominated to Fill Lake Forest’s First Ward Alderman Vacancy

Mayor Stanford R. Tack has nominated longtime Lake Forest resident Joseph R. Waldeck to fill the recently vacated position of First Ward Alderman.

“After thoughtful consideration, I will be asking the City Council to consider appointing Joe Waldeck to fill the position of First Ward Alderman,” said Mayor Tack. “With his wealth of experience locally and a commitment to the City of Lake Forest that is beyond reproach, Joe will be an excellent addition to the City Council. Given Joe’s background and experience, he will join the Council ready to actively participate.”

Pursuant to the Illinois Municipal Code, the Mayor is authorized to make an interim appointment to fill a vacancy on the City Council, subject to City Council approval. The City Council will consider the appointment at their next meeting on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

Waldeck’s interim appointment will last through the March 2024 General Election. “I expect the Lake Forest Caucus will go through their normal vetting process this fall to recommend a First Ward Alderman candidate for the ballot in March 2024,” added Mayor Tack.

Waldeck has been considered by the Lake Forest Caucus for other roles in the past, most recently having served as Chairman of the City’s Legal Committee from 2021-2022.

Waldeck grew up in Lake Forest after his parents moved here in 1957. He comes from a family devoted to public service and giving back. His father served as Mayor of Lake Forest from 1978 to 1981 and handed down his passion for the community to Joe. 

Waldeck, an attorney, distinguished himself as a fair and respected Associate Judge for the 19th Judicial Circuit Court of Lake County. He stepped down from the bench in December 2022. Waldeck’s accomplishments and associations are many, including serving on the Gorton Community Center Board of Directors, among other roles.

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June 7, 2023: First Ward Alderman Resigns, Interim to be Appointed

First Ward Alderman Terence Mieling resigned today (June 7) from the Lake Forest City Council citing personal reasons.

Pursuant to the Illinois Municipal Code, the Mayor is authorized to make an interim appointment to fill the vacancy, which is subject to City Council approval. The vacancy will be filled at an upcoming City Council Meeting. This interim appointment will expire in May 2024 with the remaining year of the Alderman’s term up for election in Spring 2024.

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