Looking Forward Lake Forest

The City is updating the Comprehensive Land Use Plan as it relates to the Central Business District (CBD) and we want to hear from you! What distinguishes the CBD from other communities’ business districts, what is missing, where do you see opportunities?

Take the poll! What is special about the CBD? What needs attention? Does the CBD need more residential units? Is it easy or difficult to park? How do you experience the CBD as a pedestrian, shopper, or driver?

Visit the Looking Forward Lake Forest website to respond to the poll and add insights to an interactive map of Lake Forest’s CBD! Drop pins to identify where opportunities and challenges exist, and leave comments to provide helpful context about your vision, idea or experience at various locations.

Share your thoughts on the interactive Looking Forward Lake Forest website today!

Please join us at a drop-in Community Visioning Workshop on Thursday, December 8, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm at Gorton Community Center. Brief presentations will be offered on the hour and there will be various opportunities to share you thoughts.

Stay Informed!