City Launches Electricity Aggregation Program

The City of Lake Forest and five other communities have banded together as the North Shore Electricity Aggregation Consortium to combine electricity purchases under a bulk contract with MC Squared Energy Services, LLC. When the Electricity Aggregation Program launches in October, it will be the State of Illinois' largest price match electricity program. The large scale purchasing of electricity will result in savings in the form of an annual civic contribution grant from the energy supplier and in Lake Forest, these funds will be directed towards local sustainability initiatives.
“We have a long history of working collaboratively with our peers. We are excited for this opportunity to continue our partnership which will enable The City of Lake Forest to further invest in our sustainability goals without impacting the electricity supply rates for our residents,” said Mayor George Pandaleon.

This week, residents will receive a letter about the program customized to their specific electricity account information. Depending on your current electric service with ComEd, you may receive a different letter than your neighbors that offers the option to either opt-in to the program or to opt-out of the program. Per your letter, MC Squared will automatically enroll you in the type of service that is most advantageous to our electricity aggregation program. There are no fees/charges to opt-in or to opt-out.

Whether you choose to participate or not, you will continue to pay the same ComEd rate. If you choose to participate, aggregation is seamless for the customer. ComEd continues to be responsible for billing, electricity delivery, and customer service. Payments will still be sent to ComEd, and how you pay your bill will not change. The only difference on your bill is “MC Squared Energy Services” will be designated as your supplier in the “Supply” section. 

Learn more about the Electricity Aggregation Program.
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