"Vaccination Buddies" Helps Seniors Navigate COVID Vaccine Appointments

“Vaccination Buddies” Help Seniors Navigate COVID Vaccine Appointments
A new program called "Vaccination Buddies" is underway in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff to help senior citizens who are Lake Forest or Lake Bluff resideents schedule appointments to get their vaccinations.
A small group of local residents, along with Dickinson Hall (Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Senior Center) have teamed up to assist residents 65 and older.
LF/LB Vaccination Buddies will offer virtual support to individuals who are unable to complete the Covid Vaccine sign up process independently. These volunteers understand that many of our local seniors are challenged by the process of making a vaccination appointment due to lack of online/Wi-Fi or telephone capabilities. Referred clients must be willing to provide all essential information (name, address, phone number, email, birthday and qualifying information) necessary for completion of the appointment. Volunteers will assist with online and/or telephone appointment registration.
Seniors Who Need Help may access help by using
Facebook or this form.
LF/LB Vaccine Buddies are looking for volunteers who can “buddy up” with a senior who needs help navigating the websites and emails and scheduling a vaccination appointment.
If you're interested in volunteering, please register via Facebook, email LF/LB Vaccine Buddies at: lflbvaccinebuddies@gmail.com or fill out this form.
Please call Dickinson Hall (Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Senior Center at 847.234.2209 for more information.
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