Annual Leak Detection Survey

The City of Lake Forest water distribution system consists of approximately 6,800 private residential service connections, 170 miles of water main ranging in pipe sizes from 4” to 36”, 1,500 fire hydrants and 1,800 valves throughout the system.

Water loss through leaking pipe fittings, faulty valves, connectors or cracked pipes are regarded as unaccounted water that is a revenue loss. Many leaks come to the surface and are immediately repaired, but some go undetected because they are smaller leaks that do not surface or drain directly into storm sewers, ravines, or ditches. These types of leaks result in significant water loss over time.

To address this issue, the City has hired leak detection services to pinpoint these undetected leaks through an acoustic leak detection method. Consulting Engineering, Inc will be in town the week of June 10 to perform the annual leak detection survey of the City's entire water distribution system. They will be in town for approximately three weeks to complete the survey.  

Consulting Engineering, Inc will be conducting the City's annual leak detection survey of the entire water distribution system. The survey will begin the week of June 10 and take approximately three weeks.

Technicians utilizing specialized listening devices that are placed on valves and hydrants work systematically to cover the entire distribution system. Leaks detected are reported back to the Water & Sewer Section for immediate repairs.

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