Election Sign Regulations

Election signs, commonly referred to as “lawn signs,” may be displayed in advance of the upcoming Election. This year the signs could start to go up as early as January 11 for the March 19 Primary Election and August 29 for the November 5 General Election.

The following regulations apply to election signs:
  • Signs may be displayed only on private property. Signs may not be located in the parkway or on the public right-of-way except on Election Day. Ordinarily, the public right-of-way extends 33 feet from the center of the public road on both sides of the street.
  • Only one sign per candidate or issue is allowed on a single property or zoning lot. Multiple signs are permitted if they are for different candidates or issues (i.e., one sign for candidate A, one sign for candidate B, etc.)
  • Signs may be up to six square feet in total size, two feet by three feet.
  • Signs are limited to four feet in height as measured from the ground to the top of the sign.
  • Signs should be removed within 7 days of the election.

The City enforces election sign regulations on a complaint basis. Signs determined to be in violation of the regulations may be removed by City staff. Any signs removed will be available for pick up at the City’s Municipal Services Facility (800 N. Field Drive) through Election Day.

For further information, please contact the City’s Code Enforcement Officer, Matt Goodman at goodmanm@cityoflakeforest.com or (847) 810-3515.
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