StormTrap Installation Begins for Burr Oak Area Storm Sewer Project

The City of Lake Forest is planning to begin the final phase of the Burr Oak Area Storm Sewer Improvement Project the week of August 15.

A portion of N. Western Avenue will be closed for 4-6 weeks while the street is being excavated and the StormTrap underground detention vault is installed. 

Installation of the StormTrap requires a significant removal of dirt, which will be hauled away by trucks. As a result, there will be increased truck traffic along N. Western Avenue, Woodland Road, McKinley Road, Franklin Place, Burr Oak Road, and Thomas Place while the StormTrap area is being excavated. 

The StormTrap is a large stormwater detention vault that will be installed underneath N. Western Avenue and will hold up to 847,200 gallons of stormwater during peak flows. The StormTrap will be approximately 500 feet in length, as wide as the street, and 15 feet deep, so a significant amount of dirt will need to be removed.

What to expect during construction:

  • Western Avenue to be closed to all traffic at the StormTrap installation location; local traffic and business traffic to remain open via Laurel Avenue, Green Bay Road, and Alden Lane.
  • Noise and dust from construction equipment.
  • Increased truck traffic along N. Western Avenue and McKinley Roads, as there will be significant earth to haul away from the StormTrap site
  • Working hours will be Monday-Friday from 7 am-7 pm and if needed, Saturday-Sunday from 8 am-6 pm.

Find more information on the Burr Oak Area Storm Sewer Improvement Project webpage.

Stay Informed!