Lake Forest Police Department Issues Positive Tickets for Youth

The Lake Forest Police Department is rewarding Lake Forest youth exhibiting positive behavior in an unconventional way – by issuing tickets.


Earlier this summer, the Lake Forest Police Department reinstated the annual Positive Ticket Program. Officers can give a “citation” to youth demonstrating positive behavior, such as riding their bike with a helmet on, following proper safety rules, helping a neighbor, and much more. These are the kind of tickets you want to receive!

“It's a great opportunity for officers to connect with Lake Forest youth while reinforcing positive behavior,” said Deputy Chief Rob Copeland. The Positive Ticketing Program and the Cop Cards are just a few examples of the Police Department’s community policing strategy.

“Our officers capitalize on every community relationship building opportunity they earn - with the key word being earn,” added Sergeant Andy Shiu  “We don’t just wave and hand out tickets to the youth. Our officers stop, interact, and engage. They reach out and make themselves available. This is the true meaning of community policing and why Lake Forest Police Department programs are so successful.” 


The Youth Ticketing Program is sponsored by the Lake Forest Police Foundation and funded by several local businesses. The tickets can be exchanged at participating local businesses for a designated item.

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