Swimming and Boating Safety Tips

With summer approaching and the beautiful lake to the east, it’s important to remember water safety when at the beach and out on the water.

While enjoying Forest Park Beach and any pool:
  • Parents should keep a close eye on younger children
  • Never swim alone
  • Enter the water feet first
  • Stay away from pool drains
  • Be aware of the sun
  • Stay hydrated

While out on a boat:
  • Make sure you have a life preserver for all aboard the vessel. Children should always wear one while on the boat.
  • Do not drink alcohol and drive
  • Watch for inclement weather
  • Monitor your fuel level
  • Be mindful of your boat’s propeller
  • Be courteous of other boaters on the water
  • Ensure your boat has the proper lighting
  • Have flares on board in case of distress
In case you missed it, read a Lake Forest Love story on the Fire Department's Rescue Boat. 

Find more swimming safety tips from the Lake County Health Department.
Stay Informed!