Vacation House Watch List

As you get ready to head out of town for Spring Break, please consider placing your house on our Vacation House Watch List. As call volume allows, officers visit properties on the list and check for signs of disturbance. If areas of concern are noticed, officers will notify your emergency contact or keyholder. Submit the Vacation House Watch Request Form or call Police Records at 847.810.3845.

Additional things to consider before you leave:

  • Disconnect your garage door opener and make sure the door cannot be opened. Also lock the door between the garage and the inside of the house.
  • Never hide a key outside your house. Burglars are very aware of many hide-a-key tricks.
  • Install timers on each level of your home. Lights, radios, or TVs that turn on and off help make the property look occupied and can deter burglars.
  • Give a key and the alarm code to someone in the vicinity who can check on the house periodically. They can bring any deliveries that were not stopped inside and can check the interior for any issues. Ask them to open and close curtains and/or turn on and off lights to give the appearance the house is still occupied. They can also respond in the case of a burglar or fire alarm.
  • Don’t advertise you are going out of town. The more people who know your house is vacant, the more vulnerable you are. Save your social media posts for when you return.
Stay Informed!