Athletic Field Improvements Community Workshop #2 Moved to Feb. 17

Due to the rise in COVID cases, the date for Athletic Field Improvements Community Workshop #2 has been moved to Thursday, February 17. While the workshop date has been pushed back, we remain committed to engaging the community and gathering input on this project. Delaying the workshop by a few weeks will not impact the project timeline.

Join the Lake Forest Parks and Recreation Board for Athletic Field Improvements Community Workshop #2 on Thursday, February 17 from 7-8:30 pm at Deer Path Middle School. Please register in advance if you plan to attend. Face coverings are required and the meeting format may change based on the latest COVID guidance. 
The first Community Workshop held on December 15 included a scorecard exercise, round table discussions, and a brief “report out” period for sharing individual table comments. The second Community Workshop will summarize community input, provide supporting data, and serve as an opportunity for the community to evaluate the different options using criteria identified in the first workshop.

For more information, visit the Athletic Field Improvements webpage.
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