Contractual Tree Pruning Begins Nov. 15

Tree pruning is one of the most important components of maintaining a healthy urban forest. Pruning removes dead and/or competing branches to encourage healthy new growth and maturation. It also removes and reduces weak branches that can become a safety hazard. The process maximizes a tree’s value and maintains numerous environmental and community benefits.

While City crews prune trees on parkways and in public areas throughout the winter, the City uses a contractor to do additional pruning in order to accomplish more during the time of year when it's best to prune trees.

What to expect:

Contractor: Advanced Tree Care

When: November 2021

Pruning specifications:  Standard Class 2 – Remove all dead, dying, diseased, interfering branches, located in the canopy that are one (1) inch in diameter or greater. Raise the canopy to a minimum of fourteen feet above the road and eight feet over the sidewalk. Pruning shall be conducted in a manner that maintains the crown shape and symmetry typical of the species being pruned.

Where: View the Pruning Map for locations.

If you have any questions, please contact the Forestry Section at (847) 810-3564.

Want to learn more about the trees in our urban forest? Check out Forestry's Interactive Tree Map to identify tree species in parkways and public areas.

Stay Informed!