Fall Tree Care Tips

Now that it's officially fall, our Forestry Section has some tips to help you care for trees on your property!

2021 has been a challenging year for our urban forest. Insect, disease, and drought stress have all contributed to factors that have negatively affected trees and shrubs. It’s important to note that tree care is needed year-round, especially for younger trees that are still trying to establish themselves in their new environment.

A few fall tree care tips:

  • Cleanup – Rake and remove fallen leaves to help reduce fungal diseases in the coming year
  • Water – Water evergreens and newly planted trees in late autumn to help them through the winter
  • Fertilize – Apply a slow-release fertilizer to help replace lost nutrients from the long summer months
  • Prune – Prune in the fall and winter months. Oaks and elms can be pruned from November 1 through March 30
  • Plant – Take advantage of cool fall temperatures and increased rainfall to plant new trees and shrubs
  • Deer Protection – Use tree guards to protect younger trees from deer, which rub their antlers against the tree causing harm to the tree’s vascular system

If you have any questions, please contact City Forester Corey Wierema at 847.810.3564.

Stay Informed!