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The Streets Section is located in the Municipal Services Building, at 800 N Field Dr., Lake Forest, IL 60045. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. 
Sweeper Operations
The Sweeper Program is in operation from April through Thanksgiving (weather permitting.)  During the Fall, residents and/or landscape contractors, please bag your leaves and do not deposit them into the street. For proper storm water drainage to occur, inlets must be kept clear of leaves and/or debris.

Snow Priorities InfographicSaveThe City of Lake Forest Snow and Ice Control Plan 

Snow Program Mailbox Replacement Policy If it is determined that a City snowplow caused damage to a properly placed and secure mailbox, and it is called into the Public Works Department at (847) 810-3543 within 48 hours of damage, the City’s Streets Section will repair the damage. If damages are too significant for repair, the post will be replaced with a standard 4x4 treated pole and the box will be replaced with a standard issue black box. If residents would like to proceed in making the repair themselves, the City’s policy also allows reimbursement up to $50 toward the purchase and installation of a replacement mailbox if a receipt is submitted. A properly secured and placed mailbox should follow USPS mailbox installation standards.  

2021 USPS Mailbox Guidlines

Litter ProgramCentral Business District litter containers are emptied Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Train stations: Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific platforms and litter containers are cleaned and emptied twice weekly.  Main arterials are collected on an "as needed" basis.

PotholesThe Streets Section performs general maintenance repairs. To report a pothole, please call (847) 810-3543.State Routes 41, 43, 60, and 176 are the responsibility of Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). For issues relating to safety and/or maintenance, please call (800) 452-4368.

Traffic SignalsThe Streets Section provides coordination and supervision of contractual services for the installation, repair, maintenance, and Opticom systems of nine City-owned traffic control intersections.

Traffic SignageThe Streets Section is responsible for fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair of 4,000 City street and regulatory signs.

Lighting System
The Streets Section is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all City lights (450 gas lights and 1,500 electric street lights).  Electric lighting mounted to most wooden telephone poles are the responsibility of ComEd. Please call ComEd at 1-800-Edison1.

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