Yard Waste

Yard Waste Collection FrequencyYard waste is collected twice weekly at the curbside, on either a Monday and Thursday or a Tuesday and Friday collection schedule depending upon the area in which you reside. However, during the winter months yard waste collection will be reduced to once a week, on regular recycling days. 

Yard Waste ContainersCity crews will pick up yard waste that is placed in store brand kraft paper yard waste bags if a City sticker has been placed on the bag. The stickers need to be placed on each bag to be collected at the curb. Stickers are $1.00 each (sold in sheets of five) and can be purchased at Sunset Foods, Jewel, Pasquesi Home and Gardens, Lake Forest Hardware, The Fresh Market, City Hall, and the Municipal Services Center.


Yard Waste Preparation Requirements
  • The City requires that a yard waste sticker be affixed to each bundle of brush placed at the curb for pickup by City crews. There is no limit to the number of bundles permitted on each collection day.
  • Each branch shall not exceed 6 inches in diameter and shall not exceed 4 feet in length.
  • Branches must be tied with string or twine and made into bundles.
  • Bundles should not exceed 2 feet in thickness.
  • For the removal of larger amounts of brush, contact Forestry at (847) 810-3564.

Christmas TreesChristmas trees are collected on regular scheduled household recycling days during the month of January. Trees must be placed curbside, free of all ornamentation, and cut to a maximum length of six feet.
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