Lost & Found

If you've lost something in the City of Lake Forest, we may be holding it for you!

The Lake Forest Police Department recovers items from places like the train stations, shopping areas, parks and schools and at the many special events held throughout the year. While every attempt is made to identify the owners of this found property, sometimes that is not possible.

If you have found lost or abandoned property within the City of Lake Forest you can bring it to the Public Safety Building, 255 W. Deerpath or call us at 847-234-2601. Just tell the call-taker where you are and what you have found. An officer will be sent to meet with you to retrieve the item(s).

In an effort to reunite the citizens with their belongings the Police Department posts a list of the found items. Click here to see our Found Property Listings.
To claim property you must provide reasonable and satisfactory proof of ownership or right to possession.  Occasionally more than one party may claim an interest in property being held by the Police Department, and the legal rights of the parties cannot be clearly established.  Such property shall not be released until one party has obtained a valid court order or other undisputed right to involved property.  For all inquiries about found property, please contact:
Commander Conrad Christensen (847) 810-3818 ChristeC@CityofLakeForest.com

In accordance with the Law Enforcement Disposition of Property Act (765 ILCS 1030) and Lake Forest Police Department policy §802, found or abandoned property shall be held for a minimum of six months.  During such period the Department shall attempt to contact the rightful owner.  Property which has not been claimed will be sold to the highest bidder at a properly published public auction. The Lake Forest Police Department utilizes PropertyRoom.com to auction unclaimed property.  Items which are not claimed may also be donated to charitable organizations or disposed of.
Stay Informed!